Zoning Resolution

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At this location, you may download and print out the various chapters comprising our Zoning Resolution. You will need Acrobat Reader to accomplish this. All chapters are subject to update and amendment. Please click on the desired chapter description to take you to the desired location. If you have any questions, please call the town hall at 440-543-9871 or email us at townhall@bainbridgetwp.com for a prompt response.

Title File
Zoning Resolution – All Chapters ChaptersAll-1.pdf
Chapter 000 – Title Page Chapter000-1.pdf
Chapter 101 – Purpose and Conflict Chapter-101-Purpose-and-Conflict-Proposed-Zoning-Amendment-Z-2019-2-Final-For-Reolution.pdf
Chapter 105 – Definitions Chapter-105-Definitions-Z-2020-3-For-Resolution.pdf
Chapter 109 – Zoning Inspector; Certificates and Enforcement Chapter109-1.pdf
Chapter 113 – Zoning Commission Chapter113-1.pdf
Chapter 117 – Board of Zoning Appeals Chapter117-Board-of-Zoning-Appeals-Z-2019-4-and-Z-2020-1-for-Resolution-2.pdf
Chapter 121 – Amendments Chapter121-1.pdf
Chapter 131 – Districts Classified and Purpose: Zoning Map Chapter131-Districts-Classified-amd-Purpose-Zoning-Map-New-Format-with-map-Z-2020-5.pdf
Chapter 135 – R-5A Rural Open Residential District Chapter135-1.pdf
Chapter 139 – R-3A Rural Residential District Chapter139-1.pdf
Chapter 140 – Active Public Park District Chapter140-1.pdf
Chapter 141 – Professional Office (P-O) District Chapter141-1.pdf
Chapter 142 – Passive Public Park District Chapter142-1.pdf
Chapter 143 – CB Convenience Business District Chapter143-1.pdf