Maintaining Miles of


Bainbridge Township Service Department currently maintains 84 miles of roads with responsibilities involving snow removal, maintaining driveway culvert pipes, asphalt resurfacing and repair, berming, concrete work, cemetery interment and maintenance, clearing storm damage, and roadside mowing.

We perform these services utilizing the following equipment: wheel loaders, dump trucks, Gradall, road grader, mini-excavator, asphalt roller, brush chipper, skid loader, bulldozer, two roadside mowers, and various support equipment.

Road Maintenance

The roads located within Bainbridge Township are maintained by four different entities.

Township Roads
Maintained by the Service Department. If you have a concern regarding plowing, dead deer pick-up and/or road repairs please call (440) 543-9874.
County Roads
Bainbridge Road, Pettibone Road, and Washington Street are maintained by the Geauga County Engineer’s Office. Concerns regarding plowing and/or road repairs should be directed to the County office at (440) 279-1800.
State Roads
State Route 306, State Route 43 and US-422 are maintained by the Ohio Department of Transportation (O.D.O.T.). Concerns regarding plowing or road repairs should be directed to ODOT at (216) 581-2100.
Private Roads
Maintained by homeowner and/or Homeowners Associations.

Frequently asked questions


What Is the Road Right-of-Way?

An easement exists generally from the centerline of the road or street 30’ in either direction. This is the road right-of-way. The township maintains the infrastructure within this easement which includes the road surface, ditching, culvert pipes, and/or drainage structures. Guidance regarding work in the right-of-way can be found in the Geauga County Highway Use Manual tab located on this website.


What Is the Purpose of Ditches?

Roadside ditches are designed to allow for the drainage of water from both the road surface and the road base. Ineffective drainage can cause issues that result in premature pavement failure. Residents are encouraged to refrain from placing items such as large stones, fences, trees, and/or other obstructions in the ditches preventing the natural flow of water. Over time sedimentation can impact the effectiveness of these ditches requiring maintenance. Residents can contact the township for assistance and their concerns will be addressed in the order they are received and then prioritized based on the severity of the issue and its impact on associated infrastructure.


Road Work

A primary responsibility of the Department is the maintenance of roadways and associated infrastructure.

  • Full-depth repair: Full-depth repair work is performed in selected areas where deterioration is occurring in an isolated stretch of pavement. It consists of excavating out the compromised layers of asphalt and inferior road base and replacing them with newly compacted materials
  • Berming: The berm or the shoulder is the area adjacent to the roadway which can be eroded by water exiting the roadway. If not addressed in a timely manner this condition may cause the asphalt to fracture at the road’s edge leading to premature road failure. The township will fill and re-grade problem areas as they occur.
  • Cross pipes: Cross pipes are utilized to convey stormwater from one side of a road to the other. The township will inspect and clean these pipes as necessary and replace them when they have structurally deteriorated. This may include partial or full road closures. In these cases, notices will be provided and signs will be posted allowing the public to make alternative travel plans.
  • Drive pipes: Drive pipes are the pipes running under the driveway which allow for the conveyance of water from the upstream ditch. Upon request, the township will inspect the driveway culvert pipe and replace up to 30 feet of existing pipe when deemed necessary. (No new pipes due to construction will be installed by the township).


Storm Damage

The Service Department is responsible for ensuring the roads remain un-obstructed and passable for safety forces and the motoring public. Strong storms can cause conditions resulting in flooding and down trees blocking the roadways. Service crews will respond quickly in these situations to re-establish safe travel as quickly as possible. Residents are urged to stay clear of downed wires and report these conditions to both the Township Fire Department non-emergency number 440-543-9873, FirstEnergy contact number for hazardous situations 1-888-544-4877.


Snow Removal

Bainbridge Township is well equipped and trained to provide effective service when responding to the difficult winter conditions experienced in Northeast Ohio Snow Belt. Staff are assigned to specific routes and are on 24 hours 7 days/week call to ensure that roads remain passable and as safe as the elements will allow for. We utilize different techniques and materials in accomplishing this task based on the specific conditions being experienced. Historically that has included rock salt and cinders and we have adequate storage facilities for both. Recently we have added liquids to our arsenal which provides the driver with improved options in making treatment decisions. Two of these new methods include:

  • Pre-treating: The township has equipped one of our trucks with a 1,000 gallon tank and spray bar utilized in applying a brine solution to the roadways in advance of an incoming snow event. This material will dry on the road and be available to treat the winter weather conditions once they begin. This provides us time in getting personnel and equipment on the road and helps in minimizing hard pack and icing conditions.
  • Pre-wetting: Most of our fleet is now equipped with wetting capabilities which includes on-board storage tanks and metered spray systems used to pre-wet the salt with brine or a brine/sugar beet solution at the salt spinner just prior to applying to the road surface. This solution immediately activates the salt resulting in improved reaction time. In addition, pre-wetting of the salt decreases “bounce and scatter” keeping more of the salt on the targeted roadway and out of the roadside ditches. The sugar beet juice contains chemical properties which allow the salt to remain effective at much lower temperatures than normal and is typically used when the temperature is below 25 degrees Fahrenheit. The township is also responsible for snow removal at all of our Public buildings and the Cemetery.