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Forms & Fees

At this location, you may download and print out the various forms that must be completed for obtaining any of the indicated zoning changes or certificates. You will need Acrobat Reader to accomplish this. A fee schedule is also available. Those forms that require a fee must be returned to Bainbridge Township offices with a check in the proper amount payable to Bainbridge Township. Submission of the form without the fee is not acceptable. If you have any questions, please call the town hall at 440-543-9871 or email us at townhall@bainbridgetwp.com for a prompt response.

Title File
Application for Zoning Certificate Application-for-Zoning-Certificate-Effective-April-2016-Fillable-2.pdf
Application for Zoning Certificate Non-Residential Addendum Non-Residential-Addendum-2-Fillable-Form.pdf
Complaint of Zoning Violation Zoning-Complaint-Form.pdf
Conditional Use Application conditional-use-permit-application-Revised-3-29-2019-Fillable.pdf
Letter of Authorization and Representation Document-Zoning-Authorization-form-1.pdf
Request for Public Records Request-for-Public-Records-for-Web-Sugarman.pdf
Zoning Amendment Application Zoning-Amendment-Application.pdf
Zoning Fees Copy-of-Fee-schedule-revised-2020.pdf