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Service Department

The Service Department personnel and equipment are utilized to maintain the Township’s roads, parks, public buildings, and cemeteries. We are committed to providing these services in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Service Center

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17800 Haskins Road, Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44023

Service Director: Jim Stanek
Phone: (440) 543-9874, Extension 6302
Fax: (440) 543-3566

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 7:00am – 3:00pm

Closed on all State/Federal Holidays

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Service Documents

Title File
Canyon Woods Residents – Construction Update #7 Canyon-Woods-Residents-Construction-Update-7.pdf
Canyon Woods Residents – Construction Update #6 Canyon-Woods-Residents-Construction-Update-6.pdf
Canyon Woods Residents – Construction Update #4 Canyon-Woods-Residents-Construction-Update-4.pdf
Canyon Woods Residents – Construction Update #3 Canyon-Woods-Residents-Construction-Update-3.pdf
Canyon Woods Residents – Construction Update #2 Canyon-Woods-Residents-Construction-Update-2.pdf
Canyon Woods Residents – Construction Update #1 Canyon-Woods-Residents-Construction-Update-1.pdf
Canyon Woods Residents – Construction Update #5 Canyon-Woods-Residents-Construction-Update-5-1.pdf
Cemetery Fees – Amended 5.9.19 BOT Approved 5-13-19.pdf Cemetery-Fees-Amended-5.9.19-BOT-Approved-5-13-19.pdf
Bainbridge Township – 2021 Combo Event Mailer (2).pdf Bainbridge-Township-2021-Combo-Event-Mailer-2.pdf
_2021 Construction update 5.21.21.pdf 2021-Construction-update-5.21.21.pdf
Dining Hall-Building Description- Revised 3-25-21.pdf Dining-Hall-Building-Description-Revised-3-25-21.pdf
Fishing Pass Available for Purchase2021-Website.pdf Fishing-Pass-Available-for-Purchase2021-Website.pdf
Restland Cemetery Imprv. Notice Sept. 2020.pdf Restland-Cemetery-Imprv.-Notice-Sept.-2020.pdf
Dog Park Brick Purchase Form.pdf Dog-Park-Brick-Purchase-Form.pdf
Columbarium- Bainbridge Rules Regulations BOT Approved 5-28-2019.pdf Columbarium-Bainbridge-Rules-Regulations-BOT-Approved-5-28-2019.pdf
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