Geauga Lake

November 1, 2020

Bainbridge Township announces partnership with Industrial Commercial Properties on the redevelopment of former Geauga Lake and Sea World Properties.

The use and redevelopment of the former Geauga Lake property has been a frequent and long-standing topic of conversation between residents of Bainbridge Township, Geauga County, and the Township’s Board of Trustees, along with thousands of others all over the country. Today the rebirth of the Geauga Lake property begins through a public-private partnership between Industrial Commercial Properties LLC of Solon, Ohio (“ICP”) and Bainbridge Township.

The Bainbridge Township Board of Trustees (“Board”) is excited to announce that the first phase of the redevelopment of the former Geauga Lake property has begun with the approval of a Menards home improvement superstore, Menards at Geauga Lake, as a part of a larger, mixed-use development by ICP. Following a legal settlement of zoning issues, ICP and its affiliates will acquire the remaining available land currently owned by Cedar Fair, L.P. and create a state-of-the-art mixed-use development including retail, residential, and other commercial uses.

Future phases, which should be announced in the near-term, will build upon and realize the exceptional vision for the use of the Geauga Lake property. The Board knows that the property will never be the same but are aware of the tens of thousands of people that celebrate the history and keep the memories of Geauga Lake and Sea World alive on social media. Bainbridge is committed to reclaim this discarded property and help to create a tribute to what was once a beloved place for so many.

Incorporating elements of the Geauga Lake rides, structures, and history and integrating them into the property is a critical guiding principle in the design and use of the development that will honor this former Northeast Ohio icon. While Geauga Lake, the amusement park may never reopen, it will not be forgotten as families will once again be welcomed to its grounds as it offers entertainment, recreation, shopping, and public access to the property.

Bainbridge Township welcomes Industrial Commercial Properties as its partner in this exceptional redevelopment opportunity and welcomes Menards to Bainbridge Township! We look forward to their commitment to our community as well as the near-term next phases of this exciting development!

Geauga Lake development sketch

Geauga Lake development sketch