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The Bainbridge Township Police Department was founded on June 1, 1975. Initially the department consisted of a chief and four patrolmen. This police department currently has nineteen full-time officers, who are responsible for a variety of task, such as, maintaining community relations, investigations, and traffic enforcement, just to name a few.

This department also has several civilian employees, whose duties include staying current with the record retention requirements, maintaining these records for at least four years, assisting the public, and a variety of administrative responsibilities.

To become a Bainbridge Police Officer, you must meet the minimum requirements, which are to be (21) years of age, a citizen of the United States, possess a valid driver's license, have a high school degree or equivalent, and have no felony and/or disqualifying misdemeanor convictions.

The preferred qualifications for job candidates include the aforementioned "requirements," plus one or more of the following: have a college degree, received an honorable discharge from the armed services, have a minimum of four years of continuous law enforcement employment, are attending, or have graduated from a police academy.

In service training programs and law enforcement-related courses are encouraged and provided. These programs are necessary to constantly improve the efficiency of individual members. In addition, the officers that want to continue their college education may have it paid for by the employer, if certain criteria is met and with the chief's approval.

On average, the Bainbridge Police Department receives over 10,000 calls for service and makes over 300 arrests annually. The department currently operates with ten marked squad cars and several unmarked vehicles used for surveillance and investigations.

In August, 2004, the Bainbridge Township Police Department moved to their present location on Bainbridge Road. This building includes a records department, an indoor range, multiple holding cells, an expanded evidence-processing suite, an additional evidence bay, conference/ training room, community relations and k9 suite, interview rooms, detective bureau, patrol area and a physical fitness center that was fully equipped with private donations.

The department has two K-9s. Sgt. Jon Weiner is the handler for Ozzie, a Belgian Malinois that was purchased in March of 2012, and Ptl. Ryan Patete is the handler for Hyce, also a Belgian Malinois that was purchased in July of 2018. These dogs are trained to sniff for illegal narcotics. They are also trained in tracking, suspect apprehension, building search and area and article search. Our K-9 program is funded by private donations, and we are very fortunate that our community is so supportive of this program.

K-9 Ozzie K-9 Hyce

The department provides a number of community related programs to enhance interaction and understanding among the residents which include D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) and Block Watch, a neighborhood watch program. Additionally, our Citizen's Academy is offered once a year, in the fall, to all Bainbridge residents. This is a free program beginning on the Tuesday after Labor Day. The program runs for seven weeks with each week covering a different topic such as crime scene investigations, firearms and safety, patrol techniques and a K-9 demonstration.

Before leaving your home for vacation, or for other reasons, notify the Bainbridge Police to have your name added to our House Watch Service. An officer will walk around the property to make sure that all the doors are locked and nothing looks suspicious. We will do this daily, until you return, unless there is an emergency requiring all of our manpower.

We have several officers that are certified in the installation of car seats. You can stop by, or schedule an appointment, and an officer will install the car seat according to regulations.

If you lock yourself out of your vehicle, call us and we will make every attempt to open your car.

Our Safety Town Program, which was started in 1976, is designed for children about to enter kindergarten and educates them in traffic, home and bicycle safety. This is a two week program free to all children in the Kenston School District. Private donations and proceeds from the Annual Police Department Golf Outing provide the funds for the operating expenses of our Safety Town Program. The registration form for Safety Town is available on this website. It can be completed on line and forwarded to our department.

Bainbridge Township Police Department

Chief Jon Bokovitz

8353 Bainbridge Road
Chagrin Falls, OH 44023

Telephone:  (440) 543-8252
Records Fax:  (440) 543-4797
E-Mail:  chief@pd.bainbridgetwp.com

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