Do Not Knock Registry

Effective June 12, 2018

You can now place your address on the Do Not Knock Registry.  Once your address is registered, please print and display the Participation Letter for your window on or near your front door or window.  Once registered, door to door solicitation as defined in Section 505.94 or the Ohio Revised Code is prohibited.

This registry excludes those representing any entity exempt from taxation under Section 5709.04 of the Ohio Revised Code (i.e. students selling items for school fundraisers, Boy/Girl Scouts, etc.).

The Do Not Knock Registry does not apply to any person going door to door, that you personally invite onto your property.

Once your address is added to the Do Not Knock Registry, your address stays on the list until:

  • The Township receives notice/request for removal; or
  • The Township receives notices that you are no longer residing at the registered address; or
  • On December 31st of the fifth full calendar year from the date that the address was submitted.

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Click HERE to print a hardcopy of the current Do Not Knock list.

Click HERE to export the current Do Not Knock list to XLS.

For best results, it's suggested to save the XML-XLS document to your computer prior to opening.